Taking care of people e the environment is the essence of our business.

Exportadora Guaxupé believes in the importance of partnership for sustainable action. Therefore guides and collaborates with suppliers to produce sustainable quality coffees, with good environmental, economic and social practices, bringing prosperity for them, their families and the planet.

The sustainability platforms with which Exportadora Guaxupé works are: UTZ Certified / Rainforest Alliance, C.A.F.E Practices – Starbucks and Certifica Minas


Certification Programs

Exportadora Guaxupé offers training and consultancy for partner producers to adapt and meet certification requirements.

The consultancies also help to improve management and producers incomes, collaborating in an activity that brings social, environmental and economic benefits to everyone involved.

Certifications are an additional guarantee to consumers that farms adopt good agricultural practices at all production stages, meeting environmental and labor standards.

GUAXUPÉ PLANET Sustainable Coffee

EXPORTADORA DE CAFÉ GUAXUPÉ believes in the importance of partnerships for a sustainable future.

It developed its own certification protocol for its coffee supply chain to provide support and guide coffee producers for an environmentally friendly, socially and economically viable production.

Named as GUAXUPÉ PLANET SUSTAINABLE COFFEE, its conception was based on the main International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions, national legislation and good agricultural principles of sustainable production, contemplating a collection of good agricultural practices recognized worldwide.

With accessible and inclusive structure, it aims a wide acceptance , including small producers and continuous improvement.

Besides supporting the producer, certified coffees meet the consumers expectations that want to buy a product in line with what they believe and defend and know its origin.

Documents and spreadsheets

Download the documents for coffee certifications

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Educampo Café is a Sebrae (government institute) program developed to improve farm management. EXPORTADORA GUAXUPÉ is the link between producer and consulting, supporting all necessary supplies, like structure etc. Get in touch by clicking here to know more.

Educampo Café is a partnership between EXPORTADORA GUAXUPÉ and Sebrae that integrates coffee growers, sector companies and expert consultants in coffee management for the continuous improvement of the chain.


The Brazil Sustainability Program is part of the actions of the Global Coffee Platform.

Since 2012 it stimulates and disseminates sustainable practices in coffee growing.

Its main reference is the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum (CSC), which has been disseminated by program partners and members.

With a focus on small and medium producers, the program has provided an alignment of initiatives that occurred in isolation and seeks to strengthen partnerships for sustainable coffee production.


In addition to adopting measures that show environmental and economic concern, the group’s companies perform an important social work, through the daily donation of milk to various entities (day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals and APAEs), in Tapiratiba -SP and Guaxupé-MG, and the construction and renovation of schools, churches and welfare entities.

It also provides for the Nossa Senhora Aparecida nursery, which serves 120 children from 3 months to 4 years and 11 months.

Working for social inclusion, it also maintains a judo practice project, which serves a group of approximately 120 people from 7 years of age.


The program “Agro Against Cancer” was created by the Hospital de Amor Barretos with the objective of building loyalty to Brazilian Agribusiness donors and encouraging them to become partners in the fight against cancer. EXPORTADORA GUAXUPÉ joined the program and extended the partnership with the Alfenas Regional Hospital and the Passos Cancer Regional Hospital. Producers who sell coffee with the company may donate R$ 0.20 per bag to these institutions.

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